With RedCab, Artificial Intelligence meets the Blockchain for a new kind of driving services.

RedCab LLC has been founded in 2016 and uses smartphone apps to put drivers in relationship with customers. The Drivers and Passengers apps are already available for iOS and Android.RedCab already operates in Hurghada and ElGouna, by the Red Sea, and is contemplating extensions in Beirut (Lebanon), Goa (India) and selected locations in Latin America.  In order to improve its services, RedCab combines the use of Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence to customize each trip.

  • First: RedCab LLC uses the Blockchain to organize direct payments between drivers and their customers, without any commission going to any third party. RedCab estimates that drivers will get 20% more, or that customers pay less for the same trip compared to existing services.  By recommending the service to friends and family, customers can also receive tokens.
  • Secondly, RedCab does not make any money on the trip fares; instead an artificial intelligence algorithm is used to push ads, based on each customer habits, or group of customers, and their usual destinations.
    – Suggestions could be to visit a new shop or a restaurant in-line with the needs and tastes of each customer, and which is located on their way or vicinity (Geo-Ads).
    – Based on these recommendations, customers would simply ask the driver to stop by recommended shops or services, or could reserve a driver for another time of the day, creating more  opportunities for drivers and more interactions between the customers and the RedCab App and AI.

As a consequence, the driving app also becomes a personal assistant filling the needs of both customers and drivers, and of the broader local community.

RedCab headquarters are located in Egypt.

Meet RedCab CEO:
RedCab on Medium:

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