BCDiploma, or how Blockchain can authentify official documents

Even though universities are computerized for a long time, getting the copy of a diploma can be a long process. If the diploma was not issued previously, it has to be verified, printed and signed by the appropriate authority before being sent to the student.  Before that, one would need to fill in request forms and to provide a few stamps for the mail return. For both parties, it requires a bit of time, energy, and a little cost.

The process takes a few weeks, between 4 and 8 weeks or more depending on how many requests are in the queue.  The process is  “faster” if the diploma was already issued once: it is a matter of printing a specimen and mailing it. It still takes a few days. Then you need to scan it, store it, and send it to the person who needs it. So in any case, it takes a bit of time.

But it is an official document, printed on paper, officially sealed, signed, and it has value of proof. It is worth the effort to get it as it entitles the graduate.

Compared to the end of the 20th century, and as the world shifts into the digital age, a whole system of trust has been eroded.  Documents, speech, images, information, many things can be transformed. And even when they are not lies, they can be sources of concerns: if “your” files are copied and transferred without your prior consent or knowledge to persons you don’t know or to whom you would not have sent anything anyway. The benefits of IT are numerous and tangible, but both individuals and companies have reasons to feel fragile when confronted to the power of the network.

Like many others, I consider that the Blockchain technology contains elements that can contribute to (re)building a trusted human network for the digital era to come.

I chose BCDiploma to show how it can be done:


  • With the BCDiploma application, administrations and corporations can create and store documents authentified by smart-contracts.
  • The document issuer will be able to issue “one-click certified” documents to individuals.
  • Documents are accessible with a specific url allowing to access them and/or to share them on professional  networks or by email.
  • Documents come with functions allowing to check the identity of the issuer, in a single click
  • Cryptographic keys ensure compliance with EU standards of privacy, and individuals  get a better control as to how the documents are shared and with whom.

Interestingly, BCDiploma has not launched any ICO but has already gone through an IST which is an Initial Sale of BCD Tokens targetted at state administrations and selected companies. BCDiploma chose an IST to work with officials and because of the special nature of the diploma economy.  Check the links below to know more about these aspects.

BCDiploma is based in the Paris Area, France.

Homepage: https://www.bcdiploma.com/
BCDiploma on Medium: https://medium.com/bcdiploma

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