Blockchain IS fun: sell your Memes with Dopameme

“It is misunderstood in our society that memes are just a silly image worthy of a casual laugh or simply viewed as means to waste time; however, within the humor found in them there’s often a critic or comment in regards to current relevant topics inside our global virtual society. Memes cover topics at the macro scale (economics, politics, religion, sports, education, or finance) and in the micro scale (local jokes, group of friends, school groups, etc.) Not only do they reference these topics, but rather they have an actual impact on them”

The above quote is taken from Dopameme White paper which contains a lot of interesting information about the Meme phenomenon. Dopameme is setting up an application/service allowing meme Creators to be rewarded through tokenization

Dopameme White paper contains extensive information and all you want to know about Memes, in particular:

  • Memes are one of the most obvious example of how technology impacts story telling and sense of humor. Memes are also a collective phenomenon, where it’s a collectivity which can make it go viral,  thanks to “likes”, “hearts” and other signs of approval.
  • Memes are short-lived. There are a few celebrity memes, and some memes are so good that they are used and re-used for different situations. But in most cases, they don’t live very long because after a while the fun element(s) is/are gone.
  • A Meme can change its shape: a first Memes can generate “derivated” memes. Sometimes, it is a flow of memes deriving from a single, funny, picture or speech.
  • Creators of Memes are generally unknown to the public.

Dopameme wants to create a blockchain-based exchange, rating and publishing platform for memes.

  • A community curates the new Memes, looking for obvious copyright infringments or abusive language.
  • Memes derivated from Memes are accepted and profits are shared 50/50 between the original creator and the “modifier”.
  • A voting system allows to the best Memes to reach celebrity and reach their final audience more easily.
  • The voting system contains elaborate criterias to generate tokens for the Meme’ss creator.

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